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Common Challenges in HR Heading Into 2022

Managing your organization's Human Resources department is no easy feat, especially when you’re running a small business. HR isn’t just simply hiring new people and creating job descriptions, it’s multifaceted and complex.  Invariably, there will be challenges you’ll need to overcome to improve your business, including common HR issues and challenges including those related to time management, stress levels, learning new skills, managing people effectively, and so on. But navigating these issues doesn’t have to seem overwhelming, let’s explore three key ways to help you overcome all of these challenges.  The Biggest Challenge in HR: Hiring the Right People HR professionals are tasked with big responsibilities. Among them is  finding the right people  to create a strong team. Recruiting top talent is critical to an organization’s success, especially in competitive fields. Beyond performance, companies also look to attract individuals to create a culture of diversity includin
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Turn Your Employee Benefits Into a Competitive Advantage

Employee benefits  (should be) an essential part of any business. They are part of what makes your company appealing to potential employees, and many times the central reason they consider working for one organization over another. While most people can see how important they are, many businesses fail when it comes to offering them because they don’t understand the real difference they can make. The Importance of Benefits   As an organization, offering employee benefits helps separate you from the competition. Offering benefits shows that your organization cares about your employee’s health, stability, education, and future.  According to, 80% of employees say they would stay with employers who offer benefits over obtaining a new position without them. In addition,  close to 50% of employees in small businesses  said their benefits are extremely or very important to their workplace happiness.  What Are Work Benefits?   Work benefits are additional

What Is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

In short, a PEO is an outsourced service company that coordinates the employment of your employees. They charge you a flat fee each month so you can focus on running your business.  Are you looking for expert service to ensure compliance is being met at all levels of your organization? That’s what a PEO specializes in, designing and administering benefits, human resources, and employment solutions that will allow you to focus on what’s most important – running your business. What Is the Meaning of a  PEO?    A good thing to understand before working with a PEO is what the acronym stands for. PEO is short for Professional Employer Organization.    For small and mid-sized businesses, hiring a PEO to handle benefits, HR, payroll, unemployment, and more is a recommended option. As all businesses are still dealing with coronavirus, PEO clients during the pandemic are  58% less likely to have permanently closed and 82% more likely to have operations back to normal, or better.     PEOs Empowe

Understanding Workplace Culture

In a competitive job market where unemployment is low and turnover is rising, companies must ensure that they have the best working environment possible to attract and retain quality employees. The concept of a “good” workplace culture can vary from one company to another. If you were to ask every individual what makes a good workplace, you would receive a multitude of responses. The Importance of Culture It is important to have a workplace culture that allows people to enjoy coming to work. Think about yourself for a second, do you want to spend the bulk of your days in a place that you dread?  The importance of workplace culture cannot be understated. In 2021,  94% of entrepreneurs and 88% of people searching for jobs  say a healthy culture is crucial for success.  They are not wrong either, as businesses with a high-scoring workplace culture attract high-level employees and even lead to a  33% revenue increase .  Organizational culture  It is not just the employees or job seekers em

What Does It Mean to Be a PEO in 2021?

PEOs provide unique and extremely useful resources to small and midsized businesses. Typically, these services involve includes HR, payroll, and benefits services. Large companies like ADP and Paychex can be considered the largest national PEO brands, and their approaches to customer services and the number of resources available make them  two of the best choices . However, in 2021, providing stellar services and resources may not be enough. We have all experienced financial or business impacts as a result of COVID-19. 43.8% of small business owners reported the pandemic having a “ moderate negative effect ” on their business. Luckily, PEO clients fared  much better  during the pandemic, as small businesses that are PEO clients are 82% more likely to have business operations back to normal, or better according to  NAPEO . In 2021, being a PEO means you are a partner with your clients. Not in the sense that you have sway over their business decisions, but that you and your team underst