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The Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Texas Mutual Insurance Over Private Equity Companies

  Air ambulances became  available to citizens in the 1970s ; since then, they have become increasingly more common and important when saving someone’s life. However, this life-saving innovation also brought greed along with it. Large privately-owned companies were able to decide the cost of the flight, no matter the case. Since 2012, Texas Mutual Insurance along with the Attorney General and other insurance providers, fought against these large businesses to achieve a rate for air ambulances that is reasonable. Large companies such as  PHI Air Medical , naturally fought against the state of Texas to overturn a previously passed law that says PHI was to only receive fair and reasonable funds. Not the ones that they decide upon on their own. Texas workers’ compensation law prohibits medical providers from charging injured workers when they require medical treatment. "The issue has now been fully and fairly litigated," said Mary Nichols, senior vice president and general counse

Texas Department of Insurance and the Texas A&M Forest Service Provide Insight on How to Protect Your Home From Wildfires

The Texas Department of Insurance and the Texas A&M Forest Service recently collaborated on a live stream covering wildfires and the impacts from the  historic freeze . The freeze has set plants and agriculture back a bit as we are not seeing the green of spring as much as we are accustomed to. Even with this setback, wildfires are still prevalent in Texas; it is important for homeowners to take easy, uncostly, steps to help prevent wildfires and protect their homes. Things as simple as: Cleaning out gutters Cleaning out plant beds Getting rid of vegetation that died Checking attic fence to make sure its properly screened in  Creating a defensible space around your home (30-foot space around your home) If you encounter a wildfire, safely evacuate your home and call 911 immediately. For information about active wildfires in Texas, visit .  For more information about how to protect your home from wildfi

How Did the Pandemic Affect the Peo Industry?

The  National Association of Professional Employer Organizations  (NAPEO) released their annual White Paper Series last month to dive deeper into the status of professional employer organizations (PEOs). NAPEO provided a summary of the current state of PEOs after 2020 through certain key statistics. The numbers and statistics used were covered in a previous blog  last week. Though the past year presented many obstacles, statistics show that PEOs fared better than most industries during the pandemic.  A key statistic used showed that PEOs had seen a consistent growth rate of 7.6% when factoring growth  with  the pandemic and 8.3% without. These results show that the average PEO remained at the same size as it did in 2019. While that may not be the sexiest fact for PEOs, it is still positive when considering the state of the economy in 2020. Even though the average PEO remained the same size in 2020, “holding steady actually resulted in a substantial outperformance relative to external c