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Life on Venus?

It's the year 2020 when anything is possible. This MIT article explains why astronomers believe a living organism could be inhabiting the planet Venus. Astronomers may have found a signature of life on Venus Evidence indicates phosphine, a gas associated with living organisms, is present in the habitable region of Venus’ atmosphere. Jennifer Chu   |   MIT News Office Publication Date : September 14, 2020 The search for life beyond Earth has largely revolved around our rocky red neighbor. NASA has launched multiple rovers over the years,  with a new one currently en route , to sift through Mars’ dusty surface for signs of water and other hints of habitability. Now, in a surprising twist, scientists at MIT, Cardiff University, and elsewhere have observed what may be signs of life in the clouds of our other, even closer planetary neighbor, Venus. While they have not found direct evidence of living organisms there, if their observation is indeed associated with life, it must be some so

Take These 5 Steps When an Employee Gets COVID-19

Do you have an employee that has tested positive for COVID-19? Read the below article for five steps you should follow: Take These 5 Steps When an Employee Gets COVID-19 By  Nancy Cleeland August 24, 2020 LIKE SAVE PRINT EMAIL   REUSE PERMISSIONS ​The bad news might come from a phone call or a routine screening at work. Either way, on learning that an employee has tested positive for COVID-19, employers should act immediately to ensure the safety of the employee's co-workers and comply with all applicable laws. Based on guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as the advice of attorneys who've already guided clients through a COVID-19 response, here are five basic steps to take in the aftermath of an employee's COVID-19 diagnosis.  SHRM RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT Coronavirus and COVID-19 1. Send the employee home to quarantine. If the employee is at work and does not require urgent

Private sector added 428,000 jobs in August, says ADP​

Although companies are starting to rehire, it appears the recovery from the pandemic job loss will be slow according to Ahu Yildirmaz, VP and co-head of the ADP Research Institute. Private sector added 428,000 jobs in August, says ADP By  Michael Cohn September 02, 2020, 11:14 a.m. EDT The private sector gained 428,000 jobs in August, especially within large companies, according to payroll giant ADP, a tentative sign of a continuing economic recovery despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses gained 52,000 jobs, including 43,000 in businesses with between one and 19 employees, and 9,000 in companies with between 20 and 49 employees. Medium-size businesses with between 50 and 499 employees gained 79,000 jobs. Large businesses added 298,000 jobs, including 28,000 in companies with between 500 and 999 employees and 270,000 in corporations with 1,000 employees or more. CORONAVIRUS IMPACT: ADDITIONAL COVERAGE What’s new about normal? 3 vulnerabilities for accounting and finance profess

Did you know?

Pretty amazing stats from NAPEO on companies that use a PEO!  PEOs provide services to 175,000 small and mid-sized businesses, employing 3.7 million people. There are 907 PEOs in the United States. The total employment represented by the PEO industry is roughly the same as the combined number of employees for Walmart (United States only), Amazon, IBM, FedEx, Starbucks, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Apple, and Google.  The PEO industry’s 175,000 clients represent 15 percent of all employers with 10 to 99 employees. Between 2008 and 2017, the number of WSEs employed in the PEO industry grew at a compounded annual rate of 8.3 percent. This is roughly 14 times higher than the compounded annual growth rate of employment in the economy overall during the same period. What do you love most about your PEO? To get more information from NAPEO  click here .