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Unemployment Fraud for the Texas Workforce Commission

Unemployment fraud is becoming a larger issue for Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). Even though most clients’ unemployment claims should now be filed through Integrity, we would recommend that you also monitor your company’s unemployment account. If you have not signed up for the UBS account (electronic access to your unemployment account), you should still receive notifications via mail. However, those who have signed up for electronic transmission of these documents should be regularly checking to ensure that you are not receiving fraudulent notices as well. If you have any fraudulent cases filed on your company’s unemployment account, please feel free to forward them to the Integrity HR Department to respond. You can email

Please be assured that we are diligently watching our account and disputing any fraudulent cases that we find. When we have a fraudulent claim, we will notify the employee impacted as well as the HR contact. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 830-331-1300.