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COVID-19 National Emphasis Plan

COVID-19 National Emphasis Plan 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched a National Emphasis Program (NEP) to help fight the ongoing pandemic. 

A NEP comes into play when OSHA identifies specific hazards and high-hazard industries that require a focus of their resources.

For this NEP, OSHA plans to use a three-step approach aimed at reducing worker exposure to COVID-19: 

  • Targeted on-site inspections
  • Employer outreach
  • Compliance assistance

One of the main factors leading to this NEP was the need to performs on-site inspections again when necessary. During this NEP, OSHA plans to complete 1,600 inspections; the majority will be conducted in the general industry sector. 

The main goal of these inspections is to identify and eliminate any COVID-19 hazards. Those workplaces that have had COVID-19 violations, cases, or deaths are likely to receive follow-up inspections to further eliminate these hazards. 

For employer outreach, OSHA will distribute newsletter/releases, seminars and work with on-site consulting programs for high-hazard industries such as: 

  • Local worker groups/unions
  • Employer associations
  • Insurance companies
  • Local hospitals
  • Health organizations
  • Local media
  • Professional associations

To ensure compliance assistance, OSHA published multiple resources to further implement these guidelines. This NEP and guidance will be effective for one year and is subject to be updated as needed. 

View our infographic for complete information about OSHA and this NEP.