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How Employers will Continue to Accommodate the Mental Health of its Employees post 2020

How Employers Will Continue to Accommodate the Mental Health of its Employees post-2020

One benefit of dealing with the year 2020 was the concentration on improving employee mental health from employers.

The pandemic, social issues, elections, and general uncertainties played the largest roles in negatively impacting employee mental health. Because of these impacts, companies such as Fidelity HR began to perform research on how employees could be helped with their mental health.

From this research, HR professionals were able to find issues that are still looming. Employees list these issues as reasons for why they believe their employers are not providing adequate mental care: 
  • Care is too expensive
  • Employees do not know of all available resources 
  • Poor access to care 
In addition, the perception of employees of how much their employers make an effort to speak about mental health differs from the employer’s view. 

88% of employers believe that mental health is discussed in their organization, while 24% say it is not discussed at all.

Ultimately, the largest changes employers will continue to make to accommodate mental health will be discussing it more within organizations, investing more into mental health, and making sure employees are more aware and engage with the resources already available.

View the original article and webinar for more information about the study and employer’s response to mental health post-2020.


  1. There should be work on addressing job strain and burnout. employees must be encouraged to use vacation time. There should be flexible work arrangements, there are ways that technology can promote mental and physical health. Also, many companies—through their insurance and employee-health programs—offer tech-based resources, such as meditation apps and tools that encourage employees to get more exercise and to focus on both physical and mental health. These are great resources that should be promoted, and leaders can live this mission themselves by using them. It would be helpful for employer branding marketing also and surely enhanced productivity and talent will be retained. Thanks for such a helpful post.


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