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Using Data & Analytics to Drive HR Decisions

Using Data & Analytics to Drive HR Decisions

Data is becoming more prevalent in our everyday life than ever before. 2021 is no exception to that and promises to be the biggest year for businesses using data to drive their decisions to date.

While HR companies begin to implement data for employee and employer decision-making, it is important they use the right metrics to gain an accurate representation of what they plan to assess.

This article from ADP lists the six biggest HR data trends for 2021:
  1. Creating metrics of consequence 
  2. Bring data to life with storytelling
  3. Combine HR expertise with analytics
  4. Understand and identify bias in data
  5. Proper translation of data is vital 
  6. Get granular with skills data 
The combination of these data practices will prove to be the measuring stick for usage in HR and business practices for years to come. For HR professionals, the sooner data becomes infused in your decisions, the sooner employees and businesses will operate at a more efficient level.

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