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Integrity’s New World-Class Studio

By now, you have seen the phrase “Integrity 2.0” blasted across your emails, phones, social media feeds, and more.

While Integrity 2.0 is a fun thing to say, it truly does symbolize something bigger than a new office or updated branding.

Integrity 2.0 means that as San Antonio’s and Texas’ premier PEO, we have to continue to grow, and for us, that growth means investing in you.

Well, Integrity 2.0 is here. This means it's time to start pouring each of our resources and services in to help optimize your organization beyond what was imagined.

Many of our clients have to look to third parties to produce videos for advertisement whether it be on social media or their website.

Video advertisements have become increasingly popular due to their effectiveness on digital platforms. They allow a unique opportunity to show a potential customer a side of your organization they normally would not have access to.

According to this blog from, video pricing can cost somewhere between $2,500 - $5,000 per minute.

Much of the cost depends on your budget and vision for the video. With special effects, animations, graphics, etc. the cost will begin to increase rapidly, with some figures close to $18,000.

As one of our 75 clients, Integrity’s world-class studio will be available to you and your organization when needed to help produce jaw-dropping advertisements from our renowned production team, 44 Productions.

Don’t believe this blog? Hear it straight from Integrity CEO, Matt Lowman ↓