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Integrity 2.0 Business Coaching

By now, you have seen the phrase “Integrity 2.0” blasted across your emails, phones, social media feeds, and more.

While Integrity 2.0 is a fun thing to say, it truly does symbolize something larger than a new office or updated branding.

It is our next evolution.

Integrity 2.0 means that as San Antonio’s and Texas’ premier PEO, we have to continue to grow, and for us, that growth means investing in you.

Well, Integrity 2.0 is here. This means it is time to start pouring each of our resources and services in to help optimize your organization beyond what was imagined.

You now know of the exciting new services offered through this evolution. Including Staffing & Recruiting, access to Integrity’s world-class studio, and now, Business Coaching.

Before Integrity CEO Matt Lowman entered the PEO business, he took the Business Coaching world by storm. Now, he and Integrity’s staff are proud to offer these services to each of our 75 clients.

How does it work?


Each quarter, Integrity will create and send a coaching module that addresses a topic that pertains to your brand and business. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Staff Development
  • Finances
  • Tax Strategy
  • Operations Training
  • Inventory Management

With these modules, we will map out and release the schedule for which quarter you can expect to see them.


Each month in the quarter there will be live pieces of training. As part of the live training, we will host a four-hour Livestream with interactive trainings on a specific topic from Integrity’s world-class studio.

  • Month one/two - Online
    1. Interactive Livestream training/supplemental materials and resources through our learning management software (LMS).
  • Month three/four – In-person
    1. Invite clients to the Integrity office for in-person training on an RSVP basis. However, for those unable to attend the training will be available in Livestream and video format concluding the training.

While we are proud to offer the digital versions for our clients unable to attend, we do encourage each of our clients to take the time and book an in-person session for the live training. The workshop-style of these pieces of training allows for valuable learning, networking, collaboration, and reflection among your team and organization.

Integrity 2.0 is here for you and your organization, and we cannot wait to continue to pour into your growth.

Don’t believe this blog? Hear it straight from Integrity CEO, Matt Lowman ↓